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Stepping into the world of literature, Brian Heat has written Beautiful Power: “A Love Letter to Black Women”, Get Ignited “Your Blueprint to Discovering Purpose and Manifesting Dreams” and the soon to be released Alaris: “The Boy Who Could Fly.”

Beautiful Power: “A Love Letter to Black Women is a celebration of who they are through the eyes of a loving brother. To magnify the message I conducted over 100 interviews with women across the country…all ages, backgrounds and professions to insure their authentic voice was present.  I was also compelled through this literary work to address the steady attack on the persona and intelligence of Black Women. The direct and subliminal messaging by the media, our community and sadly ourselves, that would like for us to believe that Black Women can be summed up as; baby mamas, foolish, money hungry, combative and lack of compassion.

In this book, I seek to dismantle these stereotypes and stimulate an honest conversation about the need
for Black Women to embrace their own Inner Beauty, Self-Love, Life Balance, Love as a Verb within their
romantic lives, the Power of Personal growth and Accountability.

Get Ignited: “Your Blueprint to Discovering Purpose and Manifesting Dreams was written to release
your inner rock star; an individual who is purpose driven, fearless and passionate about the life they
desire most! From the high-octane entrepreneur looking to build their very own Fortune 500 company,
to the fiery educator eager to impact the lives of young people, Get Ignited is for anyone looking to
uncover their life’s mission and their ultimate contributions to the world.

Alaris: “The Boy Who Could Fly is Brian Heat’s gift to every young dreamer in the world who feels they
were born for something greater. It’s an incredible adventure story of a young man pursuing his destiny, facing adversity, self-discovery and faith. It takes place in a amazingly colorful world of imagination, mystery and magic.


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